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Why you should text for your next private jet flight and not use an app!

100 Private Jet Apps to Choose From, Save more money with ONE TEXT!

In our modern day and age, all the convenience is at our fingertips and on our cell phones, in forms of apps and the internet. We have become accustomed to instant pricing and 1- click purchases courtesy of Amazon, Uber and many more. Private jets have entered the new age as well with many companies boasting apps and “proprietary technology” or their own “algorithms” to get you the best pricing. Truth be told, they are all full of it. Each charter broker and private jet company, all have access to the same information. So, how do we know which app to go with? Some apps allow you to book right on the platform, but many make you call up to re-confirm availability and then adjust pricing accordingly. So how do we know who is priced the best? Many apps require the jet company to instill a predetermined markup from 5%- 25%, so that’s how the app knows what to “charge you”, not a special pricing algorithm. There is no clear-cut answer as to which app is best. The problem with apps is no personal touch, no relationship with your end user, no customer loyalty.. just blind shopping and going with whatever seems cheapest.

At JetSet Group, we believe relationships are everything, each of our clients has a personal concierge assigned to their account. The personal concierge will provide white glove service and cater to the HNW clients every want and need, from catering to ground and of course the highest safety rated aircraft. With one text to your personal concierge, who is available 24/7, he/she will source the best aircraft at the best price in minutes, not with a built-in markup or “algorithm”. JetSet Group, has all the technology to track and source all aircraft available for your trip within minutes and with our close ties to our operators, we source the best pricing with the human touch. So why waste time downloading apps and getting generic pricing, when you can have your own private jet concierge working for you 24/7 who is just a text away!

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All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers.
Operators providing service for JetSet Group Inc. clients must meet standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
JetSet Group Inc. does not manage or operate aircrafts on behalf of our clients.
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